Have a headache or dry eyes at the end of the day?

It's probably a computer vision syndrome

You may get it when looking at the screen
without breaks for too long
It results in a headache, fatigue, dry eyes, neck pain,
blurred vision and many more
Breaks For Eyes for Mac reminds you
to take short breaks every 20 minutes
It’s a proven way to avoid eye strain &
computer vision syndrome (CVS)
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See why others love the app:
“This is a real issue that should be solved”
Pavlo, Product Manager at Setapp
“Been using it several days and it’s rough but I like it!”
Martijn, CEO History Search
“Taking frequent little breaks is a good idea
to prevent dry eyes, eyestrain, and headaches.”
Juli, writer at MacRumors.com
After 3 trial days, it's 9.99$ one-time
It's also available on the Mac App Store (same price)